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Pennsylvania Department of Education

Pennsylvania's Public schools are operated and funded under the authority of the Commonwealth's school boards. Public schools take many different forms and include: elementary, primary, intermediate, junior high, high, junior-senior high, area vocational-technical, independent, alternative education and charter schools. For name, address, administrator, and related information about Pennsylvania's school districts and their schools including intermediate units, area vocational technical schools, charter schools, nonpublic and private schools, and higher education institutions Click Here.

Higher Education

Pennsylvania is home to a wide range of institutions providing higher education. The State's colleges and universities serve approximately 590,000 students. There are 130 institutions legally authorized to grant degrees.

  • State Universities
  • 4 State-Related Universities
  • 8 Private State-Aided Institutions
  • 14 Community Colleges
  • 88 Private Colleges and Universities
  • 16 Theological Seminaries
  • 6 Private Two-Year Colleges
  • 1 College of Technology